C O M P A N Y, C L I E N T S   &   P A R T N E R S

Learn more about our teams, our clientele, and the joint venture partnerships on which Morichi Atelier is built.



Morichi Atelier is an Italian boutique practice born in New York City, United States providing exclusive services to customers around the world. Originally imagined four years ago with the name of MG Architecture Studio, the company developed a series of additional services allowing the brand to extend its horizons and face a wider range of business opportunities. Giordano Morichi, Founder and CEO of the company, started rebranding his practice in 2019 launching Morichi Atelier in May 2021. This restructure welcomed opportunities of investment and created many new initiatives that aided to the expansion of the company bringing support to business operations and transactions. 
Morichi Atelier LLC is a company build with the commitment to develop a better tomorrow, today; this conviction turned our dream into reality. Our company helps to transform ideas of development into solid plans of actions for all clients in the areas of our expertise through a series of project ventures with external partners that share our business philosophy and sustainable ideals.




Turn Key Solutions

Thanks to the skills gained in our business practice, and a network of business partnerships developed with elite companies at the top of the respective fields of Real Estate, Architecture, Art & Design, and Consulting, it is possible for us to provide clients with complete turnkey operations to solve their problems and develop their projects.

P a r t n e r s   &   C l i e n t e l e

Below is a list of companies, private entities, and public institutions that were affiliated in collaboration processes, project presentations, and project developments that started or were accomplished by either Morichi Atelier or its antecedent brand: MG Architecture Studio


O t h e r   I n s t i t u t i o n s 

G I O R D A N O   M O R I C H I  

CEO & Founder

Born in Rome, Giordano Morichi lived and worked between Italy and the United States. He created architectural projects in collaboration with various firms while participating in competitions around the world. He also expanded his professional practice by curating presentations for the launch of products in the high-technology field and in the design and fashion sectors. After taking the Real Estate license in the United States, Morichi gave brokerage assistance, artistic, and architectural direction for various clients and international investors providing advice for the expansion of their real estate portfolio. Giordano's passion for the Arts inspired him to create architectural installations for exhibitions of international artists in exclusive locations in New York and Rome. The sensitivity to current environmental issues led him to focus on sustainable design and the effects that such practice can produce on the development of modern cities and our society. On these issues, projects are underway created by new collaborations between Morichi and other partners in various sectors which, in order to have a greater impact, will encourage the participation of tomorrow's protagonists, also through possible scholarship programs and the involvement of various recognized public/private institutions. The strong desire, exclusively philanthropic, reinforced by the feeling of making a difference, led him finally to the creation of the not-for-profit initiative Unite For Italy (now NGO), partner with Humanity 2.0 (Vatican), to contribute to the Italian society in the world by facilitating donation processing to support initiatives that help humanity move forward and improve both its evolution and well-being.