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C O M P A N Y, C L I E N T S   &   P A R T N E R S

Learn more about our clientele, and the joint venture partnerships on which Morichi Atelier is built.


Morichi Atelier is an Italian boutique practice of sustainable business development born in New York City, United States providing exclusive services to customers around the world. Originally imagined four years ago with the name of MG Architecture Studio, the company developed a series of additional services allowing the brand to extend its horizons and face a wider range of business opportunities. Giordano Morichi, CEO and Founder of the company, started rebranding his practice in 2019 launching the brand Morichi Atelier in May 2021. This business restructure welcomed opportunities of investment and favored the creation many new unique business initiatives that aided the expansion of the company bringing support to all business operations and company transactions. 

Morichi Atelier LLC is a company built with the commitment to develop a better tomorrow, today; this conviction turned our dream into reality. Our company, overseeing business development, technological innovation, environmental, philanthropic, and impact investment horizons, helps to transform ideas of development into solid plans of actions for all clients in the areas of our expertise through a series of project ventures with external partners that share our business philosophy, circular economy ideas, and sustainable impact.



Turn Key Solutions

Thanks to the skills gained in our business practice, and a network of business partnerships and collaborations developed with elite companies, HNIS, family offices, and venture capital, at the top of the respective fields, it is possible for us to provide clients with complete turnkey operations to solve their problems and develop their dream projects.

High Profile Business Opportunities

Our mission to develop a better tomorrow - today is achieved through company turn key solutions and our strength to drive advocacy for sustainable ventures with the aim to render this world a better place for everyone. Our approach toward problem-solving is unique and inclusive, allowing us to operate with efficiency in both public and private sectors. Clear business vision and solid core values help us follow ESG principles and allow us to guide all client companies toward the maximization of their impact, for both our society and the environment, while providing opportunities for them to reach global stages and share their success stories.

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G I O R D A N O   M O R I C H I  

Founder & CEO

Giordano is an architect, an entrepreneur, and an experienced business developer. He curated art shows while giving architectural direction for international clients, family offices, and investors providing consultancy for the valorization of their real estate assets. He managed client portfolios of $60M (expanded it to $100M) overseeing RE development, project management, and other business development ventures. He also helped design affordable sustainable communities and developed business for America's first national housing company.

The strong desire to have impact for our society reinforced by the feeling of making a difference, that rose during the event of Covid-19, led Giordano to the creation of the Non-Profit Social Impact Initiative Unite For Italy, which operates as an NGO per partnership with the Humanity 2.0 Foundation, to contribute to the Italian community worldwide by facilitating donation processing in support of sustainable impact initiatives that help humanity move forward and improve both its evolution and well-being.

He expanded his business development practice by curating the communication and go-to-market strategies for the launch of various products in the innovation, start-up/scale-up environment, and high-technology field. He worked closely with family offices, HNIS, investors and propelled a 30-company portfolio outreach, ranging from a Space Investment Fund to a FinTech company, of which he became Partner, by curating business development, capital raise, public-private partnerships, and strategic operations to increase business revenues and expand company verticals in global markets.

Thanks to his field experience and know-how, he developed and achieved in delivering the world’s first nuclear waste management use case scenario on the distributed ledger; he connected in collaboration a US based company valued at $71 million (3 year prospected evaluation of $250 million) and an Italian company valued at $60 million (prospected evaluation $100 million) to protect and secure all digi-waste (digital nuclear waste) sensitive data and digi-waste management through blockchain technology.

Giordano was born in Rome, Italy but lived and worked between Italy and the United States. He has a background in Civil Engineering at the faculty of Roma Tre University before transferring to Architecture at NJIT – New Jersey Institute of Technology where, after obtaining a scholarship for design merit, graduated with “Magna Cum Laude” and various design related awards.

During his academic formation, Giordano was allowed to attended, in exclusivity (as a civilian), an eight month Air Force ROTC program offering a focused training environment instilling values of integrity, service before self, and excellence. He attended intense leadership training in Team & Leadership Fundamentals and Leadership & Management courses that have the aim to develop quality leaders and world’s finest officers of the United States Air Force & Space Force.
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P a r t n e r s,  A f f i l i a t e s,  &   C l i e n t e l e

Below is a list of clients, partner companies, family offices, private entities, and public institutions that were affiliated in joint venture projects, proposals, and synergetic developments that started or were accomplished by either Morichi Atelier or its antecedent brand: MG Architecture Studio


O t h e r   I n s t i t u t i o n s 

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