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D e v e l o p i n g   a   b e t t e r   f u t u r e,  t o d a y.

Morichi Atelier is a company built with the commitment to develop a better tomorrow, today.

Our company, overseeing business development, strategy, commodities and special assets sales mediation, advisory, public-private partnerships and alignments, public affairs, access to capital raise, technological innovation, environmental, philanthropic, and impact investment horizons, helps to transform strategic opportunities and ideas of development into solid plans of actions for all clients in global markets, through a series of project ventures with external partners that share our business philosophy,

circular economy ideas, and sustainable impact.




  • Sustainable  Business & Real Estate Development

  • Innovation & R&D

  • ESGs & Circular Economy

  • Sustainable Energy



  • Philanthropy 

  • Non-Profits & NGOs

  • Healthcare

  • Education

  • FinTech (Finance, Banking, Hedge Funds, & Wealth Management)

  • Blockchain

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)

  • BioTech



  • Impact Investments

  • Dual Technologies

  • Impact Economy

  • SDGs

I m p a c t   D r i v e n   H o r i z o n s

At the heart of Morichi Atelier is a core belief enouncing that today’s companies have to be built with the commitment to develop a better tomorrow for our global society and our planet following ESG principles, circular economy action plans, and sustainable business models based on impact.


All projects pursued, developed singularly or through the joint effort of our partners, try to integrate as much as possible the U.N. SDG program. Our vision translates those strong values into tangible applications to resolve some of the complex problems present in our fields of operations while generating solutions with a high level of sustainable impact.


L D V R   M o d e l 

Morichi Atelier is an Italian boutique advisory firm born in the heart of the contemporary business world: New York City. Developed in origin in the cradle of modern civilization - Rome, with a family-office approach, is committed to bring the Italian excellence worldwide to best serve our society and the businesses that will reshape our tomorrow.


Our innovative business development firm, inspired by the life of the greatest inventor in history, with the L.D.V.R. (Leonardo Da Vinci Renaissance) Model, translates the concept of the “Renaissance Man”, by definition “a cultured man of the Renaissance who was knowledgeable, educated, or proficient in a wide range of fields”, into a business practice that originates innovative ideas and executes with efficiency impossible projects.


A modern “atelier”, born from the ancient concept of the “artist bottega”, incorporates various operational activities within different business practices. Just as in the “bottega” artists learned the various spectrums of the Arts, in our “atelier”, clients and investors, led by the same core-values that helped the Italian culture flourish globally, find a place for unprecedented discovery to expand their business outreach and impactful presence in this world.


S o c i a l   I m p a c t   V a l u e s

Morichi Atelier’s commitment in developing a “better future, today” goes beyond the generation of sustainable business ventures and the conduct of an ethical business, but one that works tangibly toward a brighter future for all; this is given by the company’s sensitivity toward the world's actual environmental, socio-political events, and current social conditions that affect our lives.

Its first philanthropic effort in making a change was given through the creation of “Unite For Italy”, a Non-Profit Social Impact Initiative born during the events of COVID-19 (2020), partner of the Humanity 2.0 Foundation; an NGO developed in collaboration with the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development at the Holy See (Vatican) with the mission to remove impediments to human flourishing.






78 Ridge Street, New York City, NY 10022

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