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B E A C H   H O U S E

Type: Residential 

Status: Proposal

Year: 2018

The project is located on Sylt, an island belonging to the North Frisian Islands in northern Germany. During War World I the beach became a military outpost, in War World II the island was used as a fortress housing concrete bunkers hiding between the sand dunes on the shore. With its predominant Gulf stream marine climate and a 40km sandy beach, Sylt island has been a resort for the German jet set and high profile people visiting their second homes, celebrities who own vacation homes or tourists attending the Windsurf World Cup Sylt established in 1984. 


The architecture of the house is inspired by the history of the island; materiality and form reflect a need of a modern design with a vernacular sense of respect on behalf of the historical past and location. The residence erects its presence on one story and extends horizontally; modules, walls and glazing intercommunicate connecting spaces or opening the architecture to the surrounding views.

The main facade acts simultaneously as a barrier and diaphragm;  it hides the remaining section of the house  protecting the visual impact of the build form in respect to the land and the owners privacy. At the same time, through the layering of the glazing, and specifically designed view ports, it connects the beach with the back of the house.  


The beach house is situated a few kilometers from List and the airport of the island; it is the biggest residential construction in proximity of the local Leuchtturm List-Ost lighthouse. The architecture gently sits on the landscape becoming part of the surroundings respecting all natural land lines and heights provided by the environment.​ The topographical location and architectural orientation offer great views from all areas of the house to land and ocean. 

The plan follows a clear grid system organized by two major modules: the one of the main house on the left, and the one of the guesthouse on the right. The two volumes having an open plan, through the arrangement of the structural supports, and the glazing apertures to the surrounding world, modulate the different connections between designed views, private and public spaces.

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