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A R T   &   D E S I G N

Artistic and Architectural Installations (Physical Space & Virtual Space), Art Investing Consulting, NFTs Digital Sales & Marketing, NFTs Valorization, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Innovative System Development, Parametric Design. Innovative Technology Development.




S O   P O P   S O   S U R R E A L   L I B E R A T I O N

Type: Installation  

Status: Completed

Year: 2019

Partners: Eileen Contreras, Rowa Agency, Hassler Hotel

A sensitive reality juxtaposed to a sensorial one. The things that belong to us, and those that are proposed by a secondary and parallel universe. It is the Pop Surrealism, an avant-garde literary and artistic movement, a style of generational interactions in a very “visual” society. 


The exhibition was created to inspire an innovative audience and make art live in all its forms. So Surreal So Pop Liberation is a vernissage that links two worlds as distant as they are complementary, where we will give visibility to new contemporary dynamics highlighting and comparing selected artists who focus their attention to the different experiences of our time: painting, sculpture, fashion and various graphic arts. 

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