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A R T   &   D E S I G N

Artistic and Architectural Installations (Physical Space & Virtual Space), Art Investing Consulting, NFTs Digital Sales & Marketing, NFTs Valorization, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Innovative System Development, Parametric Design. Innovative Technology Development.




R O T E R   F A D E N

Type: Installation  

Status: Completed

Year: 2017

Partners: Adornare USA, Trunk Club

The art installation was situated on Madison Ave, opposite to St.Patrick's Cathedral, in the Villard Mansion. The project is born by observing the building that now stands as historical landmark, where past and present coexist with the different styles of architecture. The Romanesque elements of the past seem to evolve in the Modern structure of the Palace Hotel & Towers extension and re-qualify themselves modifying their original built form. 

“Roter Faden” meaning “Red Thread”, is a German expression often used in the literary world to identify the consistent logical structure that guides the audience through a specific theme. On a conceptual level the installation, with its uninterrupted red path, is the clear metaphorical framework that connects the artwork on display in the surrounding space enhancing the artistic perception to a sensorial level. The viewer does not relate to a singular piece of art but is immersed in a deeper experience as it becomes part of an artistic environment from “Start” to “Ziel”, “Beginning” to “End”.

Roter Faden – Red Thread is a meterial and sensorial fil rouge that guides users through "Presidents Kings and Kingdoms"; an art installation curated along with Adornare USA at the Trunk Club. The materiality of the installation is a physical element that unifies the art work; it adapts and transforms its function to aid the artistic experience. Plastic film and tape are used to hold art pieces together during transportation; they protect the work from the outside world obscuring the visibility of the artistic subject as well as preventing damage. The materials are recycled and repurposed to connect the exterior and interior space and the various levels of the building, guiding the user toward and into the world of the artists.

Through the construction of a web of architectonic and avant-garde features, it was necessary to transform the idea of exhibition into an experience, step after step within the Mansion.​ The installation features an expedient strong of its essence, the fil rouge that starts from the foyer, follows the art works of the exhibition until it reaches its maximum climax in a plastic architecture that utilizes every point in the space to plasm its form and dimension. The museum-like experience seems to be enlightened by the red plastic film that guides the user and never abandons it; it stimulates curiosity and creates a unique participation in its genre. Interactivity and multi-platform connectivity was key for a fully immersed experience; to better immerge the users every artwork had a QR code, which could be scanned for a further consultation on the pieces.​

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